The importance of conversion rate optimization

Who entered the e-commerce market should be prepared to deal daily with the term “conversion rate optimization“. Converting is now the largest goal of virtual stores: the digital market, most of the time, the conversion is synonymous with sales. But where does the much-talked fee comes into place? Is it necessary to make any specific calculation to find it? What would be the ideal conversion rate, if it exists? Are you ready to learn it all?

Check out the answers to these and other important questions below!

What is conversion rate optimization?

Contrary to what many think, the conversion rate optimizationdoes not measure only the numbers related to sales, although this is its most frequent use. This rate is also used to measure other outcomes in the online universe. The conversion rate can be defined as the metric used in order to analyze the results achieved with the campaigns and marketing strategies. In this sense, the CT may be the closing of a sale, completing a registration, to request a budget or even a subscription to a newsletter.

The importance of conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization and its importance

The conversion rate optimization is a key metric tool to track business results. Through this rate, it can monitor the company’s performance and the actual results achieved by it, including pointing what strategies have been effective for generating not only visits, as well as leads and sales. If you want to achieve a good performance in its e-commerce, keep an eye on the exchange rate!

How to calculate the conversion rate then?

The conversion rate does not simply equal the number of sales, clicks or registrations. To find an accurate result, it is necessary to make a simple calculation, but proven effective. The conversion rate in the e-commerce segment is nothing more than the result of dividing the number of requests the number of visits multiplied by one hundred. The conversion rate optimization is a great option for those who want to improve the gains with their websites, blogs and so on. You can read more on this link: here. It is not hard and can easily be done by simply reading a couple easy to follow instructions online. Of course Google can follow up and see who is doing black hat and white hat marketing, so beware, be honest!

What is the optimal rate of conversion and what about the conversion rate optimization?

The ideal conversion rate varies according to the objective / goal of the company, as well as being closely linked to the value of goods and services that virtual stores offer – and in fact it is possible to do conversion rate optimization. In the end visit this site for best information. It is estimated that for shops selling expensive goods, the ideal rate is between 1% and 2%. For businesses that sell more affordable items, this rate usually oscillate between 2 and 3%. When clicks or actions aim registers rather than purchasing, CT ranges from 5% to 20%. Note that, regardless of the actual results, virtual entrepreneurs always dream of higher conversion rates and so they apply techniques of conversion rate optimization.