Who works with Digital Marketing and inbound marketing has certainly seen the term CRO several times out there. The term stands for Conversion Optimization and consists of a set of methods and practices that improve the conversions of your site, Call to Action or Landing Page without necessarily increasing the traffic you already have.

CRO results can bring great benefits to your site and help your business grow. For example, imagine that your company has an eBook Landing Page that receives an average of 1,000 monthly hits, but that only 100 of them convert and download your eBook. After correctly applying the CRO techniques on your page, your landing page may still receive 1000 hits per month, but 200 of them will download the eBook, which means conversion rate optimization will help you. If this still does not make much sense to you, feel free to talk to seo company Singapore.

More onconversion rate optimization

Translating to percentage results means that your landing page with 10% conversion rate has been optimized and now has a 20% conversion rate. This optimization can happen in several ways: it can be textual, better convincing your visitor about the value of your eBook; can be visual, leaving a Call to Action more attractive and highlighted, among many others.

In this post, we’ll go into a little detail on the concept of conversion rate optimization and all the variables that compose it, explain how the application of CRO techniques works on your site and give some examples of how to generate your optimization hypotheses and develop the tests that will help your page to convert more. See more.

The five main things to consider onconversion rate optimization

When we think of conversion in Digital Marketing and seo Singapore, we soon associate the word with Landing Pages and conversion of visitors into Leads. However, for CRO we can understand the concept of conversion as something much more comprehensive, which involves several types of action that a visitor can take on your site. In addition to completing and submitting a form, we can also consider conversions, for example:

  • Click on a banner or Call to Action;
  • Browse and understand the contents of key sessions of your site;
  • Make a purchase on your ecommerce;
  • Start a SaaS product test;
  • Make a contact request for the sales industry.

The bottom line

The important thing here is to know what conversion types will bring the results you seek. If your goal is to generate Leads, it makes sense to include the forms of your Landing Pages in your CRO strategy, but in case you want to increase purchases from your online store, the approach should consider the conversions within your ecommerce that start in “Subscribe to my site” and end in “fill out payment form”. These are only a few of the things that can actually help you with general optimization. If you have no idea how to put these tips into action, all you have to do is leave the rough work to the specialists in the field. Talk to seo company Singapore and have your page converting as it should! For more details, visit: https://www.beaconcom.sg/lead-generation/google-adwords/